Etiopia, West Guji, Gemeda Elias Dube, Coe #19

Cup of Excellence, cupping score 87,43, rangering #19/29

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Land: Etiopia
Score 87,79
Region: West Guji
Prosess: Bærtørket
Kaffebær: Kurme
Smaksprofil: Kompleks! Nype, bringebær, rips, cascara, søt, frisk, leskende, karamell, tropisk. 

Kaffebar har uttalt at de ikke smakt maken til Etiopisk bærtørket kaffe.
Tilgjengelighet 25kg
Bryggemetode: Presskanne, V60, AeroPress og filter

Gemeda Elias Dube, 32, has been working on his father’s coffee land since he was 15 years old. When he reached 21 he started his coffee farm on 7 hectares of land given to him by his father. Currently, his land grew to 86 hectares. He produces and collects 1,340,000 kilograms of coffee annually from his land and 103 outgrower farmers on another 490 hectares. “I provide improved seedling and technical support to my farmers to ensure quality production,” said Ato Gemeda.

He produces 7410 variety and processes both natural dry and washed coffee. His coffee is auctioned through ECX. “I understand quality wins, but the market sometimes is not encouraging,” he said.

He submitted multiple coffees for the Cup of Excellence Competition, and his two coffees landed in 19th and 24th place with scores of 87.79 and 87.43. “This kind of competition is what quality producers like us can benefit from,” Gemeda said. “I look forward to the auction.”

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