Etiopia, Yirgacheffe, Gedeb, Vasket G1

Vasket kaffe fra Gedeb. Hver kaffeprodusent har ca. 5hektar kaffe.

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Land: Etiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeb
Prosess: Vasket
Høyde: 1000-1700moh
Kaffebær: Lokale JARC varianter
Smaksprofil: Svart te, citrus, bergamot, kompleks og leskende
Bryggemetode: Presskanne, V60, AeroPress og filter

The level of labor and love from smallholder farming families and washing stations results in a truly exquisite cup profile that’s sweet with crisp acidity and a clean finish. 

Administratively, Gedeb is in Gedeo Zone, but when it comes to coffee, climate and soil don’t always cooperate with political borders. This coffee is often called “Yirgacheffe” because, profile-wise, coffees grown in this area are siblings to those grown in Yirgacheffe.  

The majority of coffees grown in Gedeb are local landrace varieties (which are often also called Ethiopian heirloom). Other varieties grown in the region were developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC). JARC is an important research center for Ethiopia and has done a great deal of work on developing disease-resistant and high-yielding varieties that still demonstrate quality in the cup.

Due to the size of most plots, coffee is typically handpicked by landowners and their family. 

All coffee is selectively hand-harvested before being delivered to a collection center or directly to the washing station. At the washing station, coffee is sorted to remove damaged or underripe cherry and is then delivered to the pulpers to be pulped. It will then be fermented for around 24 hours, depending on the weather conditions.  

Once fermentation is complete the parchment is thoroughly washed and then graded in washing channels, separating each lot into two grades based on density. Once graded, the coffee is sometimes soaked under clean spring water in tanks for 12-24 hours to remove all traces of fermented mucilage. 

After washing, parchment is delivered to raised beds to dry under shade for 10-14 days until moisture content reaches 12%. During this time, the parchment is regularly turned and hand-sorted several times to remove any damaged or discolored beans. Parchment is covered with plastic during the hottest hours of the day to protect the parchment from drying too quickly and overnight to prevent condensation from seeping into the drying parchment. This level of labor and love results in a truly exquisite cup profile. 


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